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                                                                             By: Humaira Jamal General Tso chicken is very famous dish severed in American Chinese restaurants. its little sweet, sour and spicy in flavor. The dish is named after General Tso Tsung-tang. Ingredients Of General Tso’s Chicken Marinade 500 gm. boneless skinless chicken breast, bite size piece 2 egg whites 1 tbsp. soya sauce 1 [...]


This recipe is different from traditional biryani recipes. Give it a try and you will going to love the combination of rice, chicken, eggs and fries. Ingredients Of Mughlai Biryani 1/2 kg rice, washed and soaked in water for half an hour 4 hard boiled eggs 4 potatoes, cut in very thin fries 1/2 kg [...]


As you all know that mango is the king of all fruits and everything made from this fruit is always tasty. This juice is very quick and simple to make. Try it and enjoy it in this summer with your love ones. Ingredients Of Mango Juice 3 big mangoes pulp 4 tbsp. sugar Few ice [...]


Summer vacations are here again and I am very delighted that my daughters have started showing interest in learning some cooking and baking. One of the very first thing they learned are these Custard cookies. Theses cookies are really easy to make and are extremely mouth melting tasty. These are eggless cookies and it takes [...]


Its not the recipe of ice-cream. Its my own version of Oreo Mcflurry dessert. It tastes like MacDonald's Mcflurry and its too easy and quick to make. This dessert need no cooking so its perfect for this summer. Ingredients Of Oreo Mcflurry 2 packets, 500gm, cream 3 half rolls of Oreo biscuits Sugar as required [...]


I always use this cake recipe for all my cakes and cupcakes. In zebra cake you just have to divide your cake batter in two portions. One without coco powder and one is with coco powder and then by layering we can give it a zebra texture. Ingredients Of Zebra Cake 1 cup unsalted white [...]


                                                       By: Humaira Jamal Chow Mein is the noodles cooked with any meat and vegetables. You can use egg noodles or just the simple one. I prefer egg noodles because of its taste and texture. This dish really looks beautiful with different colors of veggies in it. Ingredients Of Chicken Chow Mein For Marinade Chicken [...]


Hakeeem Agha is very famous herbalist in Pakistan. He is the founder and chairman of Agha herbal and also a herbal media presenter in Pakistan. He comes daily in morning shows and solve many skin related problems of people. He also introduced many beauty products which are currently available in Karachi only. I am sharing [...]


                                               By: Humaira Jamal Today I am again sharing the recipe of my friend. This is her personal tried and tested recipe of chicken stuffed baked potatoes. Ingredients Of Chicken Stuffed Baked Potatoes 3 large potatoes 1/2 small onion 2 garlic cloves 1 cup cooked and chopped chicken 1/2 cup cream or white cheese sauce [...]


The method of this fairness lotion by Dr. khurram is shown in the morning show with Sanam Baloch by Ary on 8th April. According to Dr. Khurram you can use this lotion for fairness of skin and for open pores. This lotion or serum also help in glowing skin. This lotion will be like rose [...]