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Its traditional dessert made with fried bread slices and milk. Its really very easy to make and it tastes heavenly. It just take few ingredients to make this dessert. Ingredients Of Shahi Tukray 1 liter milk Sugar according to taste 8 bread slices 250 gm. khoya Pinch yellow food color Oil as required 3-4 small [...]


It takes only few ingredients to make this yummy ladoo. Its healthy snack for kids specially in winters. You can store this sweet for month in air tight container. Following recipe will make 14 medium size ladoos. Ingredients Of Besan Kay Ladoo 2 cups gram flour 1 tsp. cardamom powder 1 1/2 cup grinded sugar [...]


Eid is just finished and we can use this recipe to make yummy sheekh kebab without arranging barbeque. With this simple recipe you can make make 12-15 kebabs. Ingredients Of Seekh Kebabs 1/2 kg mince Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp. Onion 1 large raw and sliced Hard buns 2 (remove hard part and then soak [...]


You can make this mug cake only in five minutes. Its good for emergency cravings. You can serve this cake with ice cream scoop or with whipped cream. I just love to eat it simple and warm. Following recipe can make two mug cakes. You can also add chocolate chips or chocolate spread in it. [...]


This gravy has very unique sweet and sour taste. You can serve it with fried rice or boiled rice. Its simple and easy and its difficult to beat its taste. Ingredients Of Chicken Pineapple 1 kg boneless chicken cubes Marinade 2 tbsp. flour 2 tbsp. corn flour Salt to taste 1 tsp. black pepper 2 [...]


,I saw this recipe on UAE moms group. Good thing about this recipe is that you will find all ingredients in your kitchen. Its simple, easy and very tasty. Ingredients Of Egg And Bread Halwa 6 eggs 6 slices of bread 1 cup sugar 1 cup oil or ghee 1 cup powdered milk 2-3 cardamoms [...]


                                                                             By: Humaira Jamal General Tso chicken is very famous dish severed in American Chinese restaurants. its little sweet, sour and spicy in flavor. The dish is named after General Tso Tsung-tang. Ingredients Of General Tso’s Chicken Marinade 500 gm. boneless skinless chicken breast, bite size piece 2 egg whites 1 tbsp. soya sauce 1 [...]


This recipe is different from traditional biryani recipes. Give it a try and you will going to love the combination of rice, chicken, eggs and fries. Ingredients Of Mughlai Biryani 1/2 kg rice, washed and soaked in water for half an hour 4 hard boiled eggs 4 potatoes, cut in very thin fries 1/2 kg [...]


As you all know that mango is the king of all fruits and everything made from this fruit is always tasty. This juice is very quick and simple to make. Try it and enjoy it in this summer with your love ones. Ingredients Of Mango Juice 3 big mangoes pulp 4 tbsp. sugar Few ice [...]


Summer vacations are here again and I am very delighted that my daughters have started showing interest in learning some cooking and baking. One of the very first thing they learned are these Custard cookies. Theses cookies are really easy to make and are extremely mouth melting tasty. These are eggless cookies and it takes [...]