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This recipe is shared by my dear friend Shaista Basharat from Canada. You can make chicken bread just like the one you get from the bakery at home. You can add anything in filling with chicken, like mushrooms, veggies, olives, etc. Ingredients Of Chicken Bread For Dough 4 cups flour1 tbsp yeast2 tbsp dry milk1 [...]

Keto Cinnamon rolls may take a long time to make but the taste makes it worth trying it. This recipe will make 12 cinnamon rolls. These are super soft and fluffy. Fat  7.2g       Saturated Fat       2.3g                   cholesterol 25mgcarbohydrates 2.1gm Ingredients Of keto Cinnamon [...]

The combination of chocolate and coffee makes this cake taste rich and perfect. This chocolate coffee cake is a real crowd-pleaser. Do try this and share your feedback. Ingredients Of Chocolate Coffee Cake 2 cups flour2 cups of sugar3/4 cup cocoa powder2 tsp baking sodasalt 1/2 tsp 2 eggs1 cup milk + 2 tsp vinegar [...]

I tried these chicken patties yesterday at iftar. I used ready-made puff pastry which is easily available at all superstores. you can also make them with frozen parathas. Ingredients Of Chicken Patties chicken breast 1 large (boiled & shredded)onion 1 medium (finely chopped)bell pepper 1 small (deseeded finely chopped)milk 1 cupplain flour 2tbsunsalted butter 2tbssalt 1tsblack pepper powder [...]

Cinnamon rolls are very soft and full of butter and cinnamon flavor. When you bake them your house will be full of its beautiful aroma. The following recipe will make 12 big size rolls. You can top them with cream cheese frosting or just simple cream. Ingredients Of Cinnamon Rolls 1 cup warm milk2 1/2 [...]

Keto Pound Cake is very moist and it just melts in your mouth. Each slice has 3 net gram carbs and 275 calories. You can have it with whipped cream or some cheese cream. Try it as you will find all ingredients in your kitchen. You will get 8 servings from this recipe. Ingredients Of [...]

No need to buy expensive churros for the market anymore, you can easily make them at home. My younger daughter made these without my help. You can serve these with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce. I love to have them with cinnamon and sugar powder sprinkled all over them. Ingredients Of Churros 1 cup of [...]

Dalgona coffee is going viral nowadays. It is like cappuccino with the frothy coffee on top and milk at the bottom. You can have it hot or cold. Only three ingredients required to make this. #Dalgonacoffee Ingredients Of Dalgona Coffee 2 Tbsp instant coffee2 Tbsp white granulated sugar2 Tbsp water hot1/2 cup milk low fat, regular, almond, soy, goat’s milk Method Of Dalgona Coffee In [...]

This recipe will make 5 fluffy and yummy pancakes.  You can serve pancakes with whipped cream or chocolate syrup, maple syrup or fruits. This is the best breakfast for weekends and for special occasions. Try this easy pancakes recipe and do share your comments. Ingredients Of Pancake 2 cup all-purpose flour 2 egg whites 2 egg yolks [...]

This recipe for keto cauliflower mac and cheese is shared by Tia Anderson. You will love your keto diet after having this heavenly creamy and cheesy mac and cheese made without any pasta. You can add chicken chunks or bacon in it. It doesn’t even taste like cauliflower. Everyone will love it. must try Ingredients [...]