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It’s really very difficult to write something about yourself but I am trying it. First I want to mention here that I am married , I have two daughters and one son, I have done MBA in marketing and here I am launching my first site and I really need your comments and suggestions. Cooking is not my passion but its more like something i love to do. I didnt learn  it from anywhere it comes naturally to me. I love to cook for my family. This blog includes my personal recipes and also some recipes of great chefs.

Now I will write something about myself.

I never remember the simple rules that others had taught me. I think it is little tough to take the lead in conversation with me. I always fight what I feel is an injustice and I am not bashful about voicing my opinions. There is nothing hidden or complicated about me. I am very much short on patience too. Frankness and honesty are my trademarks.

I always believe that no one else can do anything efficiently as I can, I don’t know why? If someone gives me a chance then I can apologize to my worst enemy.

I never care for yesterday’s lessons and tomorrow is too far away to worry about. Today is natural residence, this hour and this minute. I am totally consumed in the action of present.

In short I grow up with the wonderful power of dreaming impossible dreams and then making them come true.