Most of us feels hesitate and nervous when we have to face the crowds,you can say it fear of crowds and in other term enochlophobia.

The famous Albert Einstein once said, “I hate crowds and making speeches.” Einstein was a genius, if he can hate crowds and speeches then anyone can. Those people who suffer from this phobia try to avoid places with crowds like shopping malls, weddings, meeting places etc. This is a common feeling for many of us and is called enochlophobia. It can happen to anyone but according to researches the ratio is more in women than in men and it begins in early adulthood. Most people hide their feelings of fear from others and they act like a normal person but from inside they are facing the feeling of fear and loneliness. In this phobia many sufferers do manage to get out but some become completely become house bound. some people get so frightened in crowds that they feel they are having a heart attack, but in actual it’s a panic attack which they feel because they are feeling over anxious and nervous.

Now I am telling you my personal story, I was a brilliant student of my university, but when it came to give presentations in front of crowds then I felt totally blank. At that time when I moved toward the dice my heart used to beat so hard that it felt like it will come out and my mouth felt so dry and when I start speaking my voice used to be so low that hardly first two rows can hear it. then my professor asked me one day that you have some problem in giving out the presentations, and I shared all my problem with her then she gave me some tips which helped me a lot, I start thinking that I am all alone in the hall, and other tip is that I start feeling that I am the most intelligent person in the crowd and the all who are sitting in front of me, they know nothing .it helped me a lot. You can overcome your fear if only you want to. You just have to try a little harder and don’t push yourself .Just take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can do it and then you will see that everything will be fine.

Following are some common symptoms of enochlophobia:


Its symptoms may vary from person to person and it may include

Trembling, sweating, heart palpitations, nausea, a rapid pulse or breath rate, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking ,and inability to speak or think clearly.


Some reasons why you may be experiencing this type of fear are:

· You may just be a shy person by nature

· Unable to desensitize yourself from all of the emotions from others around you

· You do not feel safe around so many people you do not know personally


· There are no drugs for any kind of phobia but u can avoid it by:

· Start by going to small group functions and gradually increase the size

· Visit a metro area; make a conscious effort not to judge those that live there

· Use the affirmation I am safer in crowds

· Breathe deeply and slowly in a controlled manner

· Keep your focus by listening to calming music through headphones

· Talk with and to others more often in different situations.

· Psychotherapy and group therapy can also help.


There are hundred of phobias beside this one,  most common phobias includes:

achluophobia………………fear of darkness

acrophobia……………….fear of heights

agliophobia……………fear of pain

bathophobia……………………fear of depth

entomophobia……………..fear of insects

iatrophobia……………fear of doctors

zoophobia……………..fear of animals

if you feel that you are suffering from fear of crowds then just ask yourself these questions:
Do I feel uncomfortable in or approaching a crowd of people?
Does my fear of crowds limit my lifestyle?
Would I like freedom from my fear?

If the answer is yes then you are suffering from enochlophobia but you can overcome this phobia if you adapt those techniques which i mentioned early.

Your fear is real and it is up to you to take control of it, educate yourself by learning as much as you can about what you are feeling and what you can do to change it. Overcome your fear and live your life freely.

I did a little survey regarding this article, so here are the comments of people who are suffering from fear of crowd.


He is working as a software developer in some company..He said that “I have this kind of fear and I just don’t feel safe when I am in crowd, especially when I don’t know them.


Iram is a student and she said that “i dislike the crowds and I feel that everyone around me is rude and selfish. I feel very strange in crowds and I have a strong feeling that everyone is staring me, it makes me nervous and I just want to run away from that situation.

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