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bread pudding

I love to try Betty Crocker recipes. They are always perfect. Bread pudding is very popular dessert and everyone has its own version. Some like it warm and some cold. Always use two days old bread for perfect result Ingredients Of Bread Pudding 2 cups milk 1/4 cup butter 2 eggs slightly beaten 1/2 cup [...]

Umm-e-Ali is name of a very famous Egyptian bread pudding. Its made with  puff pastry, milk and cream. Its very easy and quick dessert. Instead of bread we use puff pastry in it that’s why its taste is little bit different from regular bread pudding. Ingredients Of Umm-e Ali 2 cups whole milk 2 cups [...]

This method of chef Zakir is very different from the basic method of making bread pudding. I make bread pudding with eggs and then i bake it in oven, but in this method he used whole different idea of making bread pudding. Its tasty and very quick to make. Ingredients Of Bread Pudding 1/2 liter [...]

6 slices of bread Sugar according to taste 10 Almonds 10 Pistachio Rose water essence Khoya or ricotta cheese 4tb.s 4 table spoon cooking oil Seeds from 5 small cardamoms A dash of yellow food color 1 liter whole milk Fry the slices of bread in oil until lightly brown. Set them aside. Add the [...]