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chef asad

You will love this crunchy rainbow custard with lots of fruits and cream. It is the best dessert to end your dinner. Ingredients Of Crunchy Rainbow Custard 3 tbsp. vanilla custard 3 tbsp. banana custard 1 liter milk 1 cup sugar 1 pack strawberry jelly 1 pack blueberry jelly 2 tbsp. china grass 2 mangoes [...]

Zinger burger is available at all KFC outlets and people always try to make it at home. This recipe of chef Asad gives you almost the same taste as the original zinger burger. Ingredients Of Zinger Burger 4 chicken flay 1/2 cup flour 1 cup corn flour 2 tbsp. black pepper 2 tbsp. white pepper 4 [...]

Bring a little culture to your kitchen with this Asian delight. Chicken Mushroom Cream Soup tastes good, especially in winters. We all want to have something hot and tasty in chilling weather so try out this recipe and make your winters more enjoyable:) Ingredients Of Chicken Mushroom Cream Soup 250 gm. boneless chicken 8-10 mushrooms [...]

Here is a recipe for chocolate brownies by chef Asad. I can have these brownies anytime with my coffee. Ingredients Of Chocolate Brownies 1/2 cup cooking chocolate 1 1/2 cup flour 3 egg 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup sugar For Sauce 250 gm. cooking chocolate 6 tbsp. cream Method Of Chocolate Brownies Take a bowl [...]

Here is the recipe of soft and tender mutton malai tikka by chef Asad. Enjoy this and make your meaty eid more wonderful. Ingredients Of Mutton Malai Tikka Mutton – 1 kg (without bones and cut in small pieces) Papaya – 2 tbsp. Salt – according to taste Black Pepper – 1 tbsp. Cumin – [...]

Ingredients Of Afghani Seekh Kebab Mince – 1/2 kg Bell Pepper – 1 Carrot – 1 Fresh Coriander – 2 tbsp. Dry Coriander – 1 tsp. Coconut – 2 tbsp. Kabab Chini – 1 tbsp. Spring Onion – 2 Green Chili – 2 Cumin – 1 tsp. Crush Red Chili – according to taste Poppy [...]

Its one of my favorite and my kids love it too. Its traditional type of cookies and its very cheap if you make it at home. Try it and your family will demand more. I love to have it with my tea. Ingredients Of Naan Khatai 2 cup flour 1 cup sugar 1 cup oil/ghee [...]

Butter chicken is an Indian dish. While the dish’s general recipe is well known, the actual flavor can vary from restaurant to restaurant even within India. Butter chicken is usually served with naan, roti, parathas or steamed rice. It is also known as chicken makhni. Ingredients Of Butter Chicken 150ml natural yogurt 50g ground almonds [...]

cheesecakes are one my favorite things to make and eat. I tried this recipe with mango pulp instead of strawberries also and it came out excellent. Ingredients Of Strawberry Cheese Cake Strawberry – 1/2 kg Fresh Cream – 400 ml Cheese Cream – 400 ml Icing Sugar or Caster Sugar – 1/2 cup Gelatin Powder [...]

You can use this coconut brown sauce with your steaks and mashed potatoes. Ingredients  4tbsp coconut milk powder 1 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp chili sauce 1 pinch salt 3 tbsp butter 2 tbsp chopped onion 1 tsp oil Method  Take fry pan add butter, oil and chopped onion in it fry it. When onions [...]