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Due to long and hot summer days our body loses liquid. At iftar time we need lots of liquid to retain our energy levels and to avoid dehydration. Following are the links of some fresh and unique iftar drinks. Lychee And Mint Drink http://www.neelscorner.com/lychee-mint-drink/ Mint Margarita http://www.neelscorner.com/mint-margarita-recipe/ Mango Juice http://www.neelscorner.com/mango-juice-recipe/ Strawberry Juice http://www.neelscorner.com/strawberry-juice-recipe/ Electric Lemonade [...]

You can use tin of lychees or fresh ones, as you like for this lychee mint drink or cocktail. I usually prefer fresh lychees when they are in season. This drink is so refreshing and tasty that you want it again and again. Ingredients Of Lychee And Mint Drink 1 cup lychees Sugar to taste [...]

The following recipe will serve two people. Mint flavor gives the refreshing and cool effect to this drink. I love to have this drink with my dinner. Make this drink when you want to serve it for good results. Mint Margarita is available almost in all restaurants and the price is quite high. Now you [...]

As you all know that mango is the king of all fruits and everything made from this fruit is always tasty. This mango juice is very quick and simple to make. Try it and enjoy it in this summer with your love ones. This iftar try this recipe and enjoy your ramzan. Here is the easiest [...]

Dates are full of vitamins and fiber. Nothing is more healthier than dates and milk together for kids and if you add a little chocolate in it then kids will love it more. This iftar try this date and chocolate milkshake for instant energy Ingredients Of Date And Chocolate Milkshake 10-12 dates without seed 2 [...]

Fruit punch is combination of juices of different tropical fruits. Mostly it is served in parties in large punch bowl with fruit chunks in it. I love those bowls, they look so fancy and attractive. image courtesy: drink recipes Ingredients Of Fruit Punch 2tbsp orange juice 2 tbsp. pineapple juice 1 tbsp. lemon juice Ice [...]

Its very refreshing drink especially for summers. Ingredients 1 can pineapple juice 1 glass 7-up 1 glass fruit cocktail juice 1/2 liter ice-cream Pineapple slices for garnishing Method Mix the pineapple juice and fruit cocktail together. Gently pour in the 7-up. Add ice-cream, stir gently. Garnish it with slice of pineapples.

I think that after a formal dinner sweet dish is must. So try this one, its time efficient and tasty too. My mother used to make this fruit custard all the time when I was kid and I still love its creamy texture with tons of fruits. Miss my mom’s cooking and I pray that [...]