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fruit salad

This recipe is shared by Mahvish Sameer. Currently, she is running her own food page on Instagram. You all can follow her here@sweettooth_by_mahvish. Here is a recipe for an orange tangy salad made by her. I hope you all like and follow her for more yummy recipes. Ingredients orange cut in chunksapples cut in cubespomegranate de-seededSalad [...]

You can add anything to mix salad. Any fruits or vegetables, mushrooms, corns, olives and the list go on. I also added some nuts in it to enhance the taste of fruits and vegetables. Ingredients Of Mix Salad 3 apples, cut into cubes 1 cup carrot, cut into cubes 3 boiled potatoes, cut into cubes [...]

This dreamy and creamy fruit salad is what I need when I am down. This yummy treat always cheers me up. It is a mixture of fruits and nuts with lots of creamy dressing. It is equally loved by kids and adults. You can also toss in some sweet carrots and peas in it. Ingredients [...]