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make up tips

Amp up your complexion, and make your most alluring facial features, cheekbones, lips and eyes, take center stage using light reflecting highlighter. Apply cream highlighter on the top of your cheekbone with your middle finger. Start just above the apple of your cheek and follow the outer edge of your eye bone, making a crescent [...]

If you keep your eye make up natural because you think a dramatic eye is just too complicated, think again- this look is easy and although a near black smoky eye looks super sexy, you can always tone it down with silver or gray. Slick foundation across the lid to prime your eye. Line your [...]

A concealer is an important part of every woman’s anti-aging arsenal. It can be known as a blemish eraser or a wake me up magic tool. If used correctly and appropriately, it can make you look years younger and less fatigued and haggard. Concealer come in sticks, creams and liquid brush form. They can also [...]

Less Is More When entering the corporate environment, it can be a little on the conservative side. It doesn't mean you have to wear conservative makeup but you should definitely take it down a notch. Stay away from looks and colors that are too trendy and go with more of a classic makeup style. Pick [...]