10 Styles for Straight Hair


Apply mousse

Rack a handful of mousse through damp hair, flip head over and blow dry on high. When you flip your head back up, you will have volume and texture.

Braid it

Pull hair into a low ponytail, and braid it. Leave about an inch at the end, and secure with covered elastic. Braids look youthful and chic.

Change your part

For an easy change, swap sides, or try one in the middle.

Add lowlights

Highlights on very straight hair can sometimes look stripy; ask your colorist for darker pieces weaved into your natural shade.

Try an easy up do

Pull your hair into a loose, low pony tail, twist the tail upward, and secure to the back of your head with a large clip. Allow some pieces of hair to fall around your face.

Mussed look

For a textured, slightly mussed look, apply a surf spray to damp hair. Tousle hair with your fingers as you blow dry it.

Focus on shine

Apply a mist of shine-enhancing spray to dry hair, it camouflages damage and makes hair look luminous.

Pull it back

Invest in a wide leather headband; slide it into your hair, about an inch back from your hairline.

Add an accessory

Choose chunky plastic clips in candy colors; it helps in creating a fancy impression.

Set it

To go curly for a day, set two inch wide sections of hair on hot rollers. Wind hair onto rollers held vertically, pin at your scalp. When the rollers have cooled, remove carefully. Finger comb the hair in place.

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