8 Steps To Build Your Child’s Self Esteem And Future

Have you ever told your child that how great he or she is? There are eight easy steps to build your child’s self-esteem and future:


Have Faith In Your Child

A survey of adults with special needs revealed that the one factor that lead them to move on in life was the faith expressed in them by a caring adult. Belief in your child’s abilities is one of the major driving forces in his achieving success. Build your child’s confidence to handle challenges by showing that you have faith in him.

Appreciate Your Child’s Effort

Praise, praise and praise……….probably one of the most powerful tools in building your child’s self image. Focus on your child’s strengths and successes rather than constantly pointing out his weaknesses and failures. That does not mean that you completely overlook or forget about his failures, try to make him understand in a polite manner so that he can easily take in.

Do Not Overload Him

One of the most common sources of discouragement is trying to do too much, too fast. Teach your children that the longest journeys start with a single step. Your child needs to approach challenges one step at a time, so as not to feel overwhelmed by them.

Set Achievable But Difficult Goals

Set suitable standards for your children and help them do the same for themselves. If unachievable standards are constantly set, it will ensure that they feel discouraged every time they are unable to reach their goals. It is important to tackle while setting goals, they should be achievable but not easy, a child should experience going through difficulties in achieving his goals.

Avoid Criticizing

Do not criticize your children. Target the behavior and not the child. Instead of saying” you are so lazy, your room looks horrible” you can say that” i would like you to keep your room look clean”. Inserting a positive attitude in your child will always bring out the same in him.

Good Sense Of Humor

Help your children to be able to laugh at themselves. Teach them that life is not always that serious. A good sense of humor and an ability to make light of life are important to help our children enjoy life.

No Comparison

Do not compare your children to others. You must have heard this many times yet we still cant resist the temptation of commenting on other kid’s academic performance which is naturally much better that your kid. Comparing your child to his siblings or others is a sure fire away of making him feel inadequate and sometimes a big looser. He can easily loose hope before the real life starts.

Cheer Him Up

Empower your child so that he will be successful in overcoming obstacles. Teach your children the art of positive self talk. Negative self talk is the main cause of children experiencing a lack of confidence.

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