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Tips To Get Silky And Smooth Skin


Everyone wants to have flawless, silky, supple and smooth skin. Try following tips and make your dream of flawless skin comes true. Here are some tips to get silky and smooth skin.

silky and smooth skin

Skin likes it lukewarm

A hot shower or bath feels great, but actually robs your skin off its natural moisture, making it dry and rough. Switch to a lukewarm soak or shower instead, to keep skin supple.

Make moisturizing routine

Air and extreme temperatures can dry out skin quickly, so apply moisturizer every time your skin gets wet.

Try a smoothing body lotion

When moisturizing, look for a lotion that contains smoothing ingredients like salicylic or alpha-hydroxy acids.

Use socks as secret weapons

Your feet can become cracked, rough and dry so apply a rich foot cream and then wear your socks. The heat of the socks will help the lotion to penetrate, softening your soles easily.

Body wax

Regular body wax depending on your hair growth helps skin stay soft because it manually removes a layer of dead, dry skin cells, revealing healthier, softer cells.

Protect hands

Wear a hand cream whenever you are outside. The harshness of extreme weathers can draw moisture from your skin, causing hands and cuticles to crack and become dry.

Beware harsh soaps

Don’t use harsh soaps instead stick to more gentle cleansers like dove soap.

Treat cuticles right

They are one of the first areas on the body to dry out and become scratchy and scaly. To avoid this use a cuticle cream daily.


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