It’s really very difficult to write something about yourself but I am trying it. First I want to mention here that I am married , I have two daughters and one son, I have done MBA in marketing and here I am launching my first site and I really need your comments and suggestions. Cooking is not my passion but its more like something i love to do. I didnt learn  it from anywhere it comes naturally to me. I love to cook for my family. This blog includes my personal recipes and also some recipes of great chefs.

Now I will write something about myself.

I never remember the simple rules that others had taught me. I think it is little tough to take the lead in conversation with me. I always fight what I feel is an injustice and I am not bashful about voicing my opinions. There is nothing hidden or complicated about me. I am very much short on patience too. Frankness and honesty are my trademarks.

I always believe that no one else can do anything efficiently as I can, I don’t know why? If someone gives me a chance then I can apologize to my worst enemy.

I never care for yesterday’s lessons and tomorrow is too far away to worry about. Today is natural residence, this hour and this minute. I am totally consumed in the action of present.

In short I grow up with the wonderful power of dreaming impossible dreams and then making them come true.

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  1. I am adam from uk who came accross neelam on internet who told me about her website.I went through it and really liked it .I am a big fan of Pakistani/Indian food myself but didnt know how to make myself.

    Neelam has done a great favour to all of those who want to make affordable whoever good food at home.

    I hope she keeps this up and makes it batter and batter every day

  2. Em Waleed Bin Tariq Mughal from Pakistan, after going through this website what I personally think is that Neelam is doing a great favour to all the people around the world by guiding them on cooking Pakistani & Indian dishes.

    May God bless His mercy upon her and may she continue writing this and making it better and better as time moves on.

  3. Mir gefällt die Art deiner Webseite. Eine Info-Seite für jeden. Find ich gut. 🙂

    Die Rezepte sehen auch lecker aus, muss ich mal ausprobieren. Den Kaffee-Bananen-Smoothie werde ich wahrscheinlich heute noch ausprobieren. 🙂



    1. ja martin du hast recht….es ist sehr lecker….und es hilft mir sehr viel weil ich bin auch pakistanisch und es ist meine typische essen……

  4. well martin if you write in English then it will be very nice of you.thanks………..i just understand one word here and that is smoothie…………lol

  5. Your website is really very informative and I am surprised that you are now FOOD EXPERT great….. Keep it up may you have great success ahead

    I will definitely ask my wife to take some cooking tips from Neel….

  6. Your website is reallly amazing bhabi….it will really help me here…Because sometimes i need pakistani foooods….lolz

  7. Hi There, My name is Neel Roberts from Vulcan, Alberta, Canada and when you did a recent post about Julia Roberts somehow Google Alerts mixed her last name with my first and it flagged me. I’m sure you don’t care, but I saw the humour in it! Neel (spelt the right way)

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  9. Hi Neelum,

    I came across your blog on blogawards.pk and found your blogs about food and beauty quite interesting to read. I’m the Community Manager for yellO.pk and we are launching a magazine soon. We would be delighted if you write for us. If you are interested, please contact me on [email protected].

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  10. Dear Neel,

    We are in the process of starting a magazine on dining in Lahore and was wondering if you were interested in doing some free lance writing for us. This would be a good opportunity to let your reviews be seen in the print media in greater lahore area.

    Please contact me with any information. Hope to hear from you soon.


  11. Hi
    Here is some translation help for you for one of the comment you got way over two years ago…
    میں جس طرح سے آپ کی ویب سائٹ کی طرح. ہر ایک کے لئے ایک معلوماتی صفحہ
    . اچھا لگتا ہے.

    ترکیبیں بہت اچھا بھی دیکھو، میں نے اس کی کوشش کرنا ہے. کافی کیلے – smoothie میں آج شاید یہ کوشش کریں گے.
    Martin January 20, 2009 at 12:40 am
    Mir gefällt die Art deiner Webseite. Eine Info-Seite für jeden. Find ich gut.

    Die Rezepte sehen auch lecker aus, muss ich mal ausprobieren. Den Kaffee-Bananen-Smoothie werde ich wahrscheinlich heute noch ausprobieren.


  12. I think you’ll be surprised to know that I’m a guy living in Canada and have tried dozen’s of recipes from your blog. May be the the title needs to change…:-). My wife and I are great fans and since we have to cook our selves, your blog is extremely time saving (i.e. no more watching an hour long cooking show and then writing the down the recipe).

  13. beautiful family Neel, i am here in searching of Singaporian Rice… mammm i think guys also can find something interesting on your blog if you dont mind, like health tips and recipe….hmmm

  14. aoa how .r u?hope all is gud..:) im marrird women..i love ur website..becze it helps me alot.. i tried ur recipes meny times and they all are gue.specialy croutobs salad.plz upload some vegitable;recipes also..

    1. i will soon upload some new recipes. Now a days i am busy with my newborn son so soon i will update my blog.


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