Achluophobia: Fear Of Darkness

The fear of the dark, surprisingly common phobia causes countless people needless distress. Though a variety of potent drugs are often prescribed for phobia of darkness,  side effects or withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Moreover, drugs do not cure any phobia. Overcoming fear of the dark can help you update your unconscious understanding of the dark and to allow you to enjoy it without fear.

Fear of darkness is also known as Achluphobia, myctophobia and scotophobia. Fear of the dark is something that haunts many people in childhood, but for some this fear continues into later life. Despite the adult knowledge that there us nothing there, the fear is stronger and overrides logic. Like any fear, fear of the dark can arise at any time and for many reasons, but happy hypnosis is extremely effective at treating fears and phobias.


Symptoms Of Phobia Of Darkness

It can cause panic attacks and keep people apart from loved ones. Symptoms typically include shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea and overall feelings of dread. Although everyone experiences phobia of darkness in their own way and may vary in symptoms.

The good news is that modern, fast drug free processes can train your mind to feel completely different about darkness or the dark, eliminating the fear, so it never haunts you again.

Cost Of Living With Phobia Of Darkness

If you are living with phobia of darkness, what is the real cost to your health, your career or school, and to your family life?. Avoiding the issue indefinitely would mean resigning yourself to living in fear, missing out on priceless life experiences, big and small, living a life that is just a shadow of what it will be when the problem is gone.

Cause Of Phobia Of Darkness

Like all fears and phobias, phobia of darkness is created by the unconscious mind as a protective mechanism. At some point in your past, there was likely an event linking darkness with perhaps an emotional trauma. The condition can also be triggered by myriad, benign events like movies, TV or perhaps seeing someone else experience trauma.

How To Handle It

You will teach yourself to regain control of your emotions and conquer your phobia of darkness. You will have to rapidly train your unconscious mind to connect different, positive feelings to the stimuli that triggers the phobia and you will learn quickly to stop the root cause of your fear those awful thoughts, images , movies or sounds.

Don’t use hypnosis for phobia of darkness or the modren techniques are equally relaxing and enjoyable.Once the unconscious mind feels safe and learns how to respond appropriately, it will always know….so the result are permanent. Phobia of darkness is gone, forever.

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