How To Be Beautiful

Every girl wants to be beautiful and here I am helping you to live your dream. The secret to make you beautiful inside outside is given below. You can reshape your body and your whole personality and be a carved person with an amazing grace without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are few tips of how to be beautiful.

how to be beautiful

Eat food rich in essential fatty acids

These acids are found in some plants and fish. These are nature’s gift to us. They also act as natural detoxers, purifiers and disinfectants.

Drink lots of water and juices

Nothing is like natural gift of water, plus the various fresh fruit juices. Water acts as an effective detoxer, the fresh juices are the quickest sources of providing the body with all vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Eat green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables provide us the minerals and vitamins. Green leafy vegetables act along way to boost up the immune system in the body and are beneficial to the various other systems such as digestion, respiration, circulation, urination etc.

Take proteins

Proteins build up and also heal the tissues that wear and tear out daily so fish, chicken and to some extent mutton are the best source of high class proteins. Others are cottage cheese, pulses etc

Avoid stress

Avoid stress.some of the healthy ways are to say prayers daily, walk, regular massage etc.All these help you positively. Stay positive and happy and it will show on your face. Avoid feelings of jealousy and negative thoughts.

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