Serious Beauty Blunders: Solved Now

Your big night is finally here but yikes! your mascara is a mess and you over indulged with the atomizer. This cheat sheet has all kinds of quick fixes.


Blunder: Excess Perfume

Instead of spraying on a little perfume, you smell like you dumped the whole bottle on your body.

Quick fix

Diffuse your too strong scent by patting over perfumed areas with alcohol swab, and then wash with soap and water.

Practice prevention

Instead of spraying perfume on directly, sprits’ the air and walk through it.


Blunder:Too much styling products

You used too much styling products. Now your locks look greasy but there’s no time to shampoo.

Quick fix

Use your hands or a flat brush to comb the product out of your hair.

Practice prevention

Place styling product in the palm of one hand and rub palms together to emulsify. Apply to the underside of hair and ends first, and then put on top.


Blunder:Clumpy mascara

You apply mascara but instead of long lashes you have got major clumps.

Quick fix

Gently comb lashes with a dry, clean mascara wand, lash comb or new dry toothbrush while mascara is still wet.

Practice prevention

Wipe mascara wand on a tissue to get rid of excess before you apply.


Blunder:Too much blush

You used way too much blush and look a little like Bozo.

Quick fix

Light excess color by applying a little foundation or a concealer on top, but be gentle, pressing or rubbing too hard will smudge and make matters worse.

Practice prevention

After dipping the brush into your blush, blow bristles to remove any excess.


Blunder:Flaky lipstick

Your lipstick is caught in the dry flakes of your chapped lips and looks like a mess.

Quick fix

Apply lip balm, or Vaseline on top of lipstick and gently rub lips together.

Practice prevention

Slick on lip balm or Vaseline before lipstick. If lips are chapped, look for a moisturizing lipstick for more consistent color and a smoother pucker.

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  1. Dear Neel,
    I hav been thorugh ur corner(big one) a very lil but I must admit ur marvellous work in all aspects……but kindly do some posts for the recent pakistan traditional fashions or glamorous designs so I can hv n idea to wear wat on EID…..plzzzzz if u hav tym kindly do it..

    1. Now a days i am busy because of ramadan but i will try to help you out. now a days in Pakistan long shirts are in with trousers. Long froks with churidar pajamas are also in fashion.

  2. oh thts so nice of u Neel for telling me about the choridaar pyjamas…… u must b thinking dat y m i askin abt da fashion becoz I dun watch TV in Ramadan or u can say i dun hav tym……..if ezly posibble for u so kindly mail me ne link tat wud b helpful….well thanx again for replying me in such a bz schedule….ALLAH Bless u .

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