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Beauty Tips For Men


Gone are the days when men feel ashamed in using beauty products. Now in market you will find lots of beauty stuff which are designed according to the skin of men.I advise men to use products which are for their skin and please don’t use ladies creams or stuff on your skin. It has been quiet a while that I have been writing for women and their problems, but today I thought why don’t I give some useful tips to men regarding their skin.

First of all , I want to make one thing clear and that is taking care of your skin will not at all diminish your manhood. Most of men don’t take care of their skin or don’t care if they have pimples or other blemishes because they think such dainty fripperies are unmanly. Come on guys this is basic hygiene. If you have a healthy skin you will always get appreciation from everyone.


Following are the list of most important items which every men should have in his washroom shelf for daily skin care. But first of all make it point to drink lots of water as that purifies everything from inside, which results in a good and healthy skin.

Then comes, splashing water on your face whenever you get a chance and please avoid use of excessive soap as it tends to dry your skin. So wash your face with soap free face wash in the morning and for the rest of day you can just splash cold water on your skin as it tightens the pores which appear after shaving the skin daily.

Then you should have a jar of apricot scrub which you have to use everyday when you come back home after work as it cleans away all the dirt particles, which are the cause of different skin problems like pimples and rashes. Don’t forget to splash cold water on your skin after scrubbing as it leaves your pores open and you have to do something to tighten them.

For your lips get a good lip balm as cracked and chipped off dry lips create a very bad impression. Apply it anytime during the day and especially before going to bed, which will keep your lips moisture all night long and you will be able to enjoy naturally soft and pink lips that are hardly seen these days. It will also take away smoke stains and the dark skin.

Last but not the least….your hair. First of all, who says that shampooing is the cause of loosing hair? it can be a reason if you are not using a right shampoo according to your hair type or if you are leaving a shampoo in your hair for a longer time. But washing your hair with a mild shampoo everyday will keep them germ free and clean.


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  • jack June 4, 2017, 8:44 pm

    These days, men are taking a lot more pride in their appearance and want to look great when they go out into the public eye. It’s not only the girls that take care of their appearance; the guys want to look their best too! But today Often guys are a little shy about asking for beauty tips, But you solve their problem with this post. Thanks for sharing this post.

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