Boulevard Bar Grill Lahore

This review about Boulevard Grill is a guest post by Ahmar Naseer Roshan.

So yesterday we three friends decided to go out for dinner. Our plan originally was to go to cafe Zouk but we were told to wait for 45 minutes since it was jam packed. We then called Arcadian who again said that we’ll have to wait for half an hour. Since we were really hungry, we roamed around when #BoulevardGrill caught our eye. I had tried their food before and it was pretty good so we opted for the place.

boulevard bar grill

Wanted to try something different so ordered

1. Spicy Thai beef chili
2. Three cheese chicken
3. Monarch Bigdaddy burger.


Well, the burger was massive containing 500 grams of beef, cheddar cheese, onion rings, tomatoes and lettuce along with BBQ sauce. A perfect choice for big eaters as the people who eat tiny portions will not be able to finish it. The price of the burger is Rs.945.


The three cheese chicken contained 4 big rolls of chicken stuffed with 3 kinds of cheese, mozzarella, cheddar and Parmesan along with finely chopped vegetables. It was served on a bed of mashed potatoes with the side of sautéed veggies which included carrots, mushroom, capsicum, zucchini and olives. Never had such a wonderful three cheese chicken anywhere else.


The Thai beef chili had a perfect kick of spice exactly how I like it. The portion size was huge and the beef was succulent and perfectly cooked.


For dessert, we tried the fried ice-cream in a waffle. Crunchy on the outside soft and cold on the inside, the dessert was a unique thing on its own. Loved it to the core.

A thing I want to mention is that the ambiance was a bit gloomy and unlike the new eateries in town, the environment there is not as fancy. But to me, all is well if the end is well. So I would definitely recommend you to try out these dishes and you will not be disappointed.

They’re located opposite Sukh Chain in Gulberg.

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