Bukhara At Pearl Continental Karachi


The name of the restaurant sounds like an Iranian city Bukhara, so one might think that the dishes must be either Iranian or Afghani. But the truth is that they are not. The restaurant offers Pakistani buffet in a rural setup. Situated at the poolside, adjoining the main PC building, the place look like a village, decorated with clay pots, charpais, tables and chairs.

The restaurant is not at ground level, so the traffic noise is minimal, and the live music helps make the environment more relaxing.

The food is Pakistani, with pani puri and corn in a cup serving as a starter.The main course includes biryani, kunnah, paya, lokey, dal, murgh cholay, fish, chops, fried pomfret, chicken malai, kata kat, halwa puri and many more delicious dishes. You can also enjoy sheesha with your friends. Sweet dishes are also mouthwatering, and you can end the meal there are green tea, kashmiri tea and coffee.

The next time you plan to have a quiet night out away from the sights and sounds of the city in a traditional set up, make sure you call for reservation at Bukhara.

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