Caesarian Delivery:Reasons and Side effects

Caesarian Delivery:Reasons and Side effects

Conceiving for the first time is usually a touching moment for women. But as the time of delivery nears, she begins to get cold feet. Engulfed by fears of pains, the images of horrific deliveries that are so dramatically shown in both Bollywood and Hollywood movies flash through her mind. As a result, she opts for a Caesarian delivery, a painless and now increasingly popular method of delivering a baby. This method is becoming common amongst well-to-do families and celebrity moms, hence the term “too posh to push”:)

Following are some of the reasons why a Caesarian section is becoming the ultimate choice for delivering a baby:

  • Media has a great impact on the minds of viewers. This creates a distorted image on the minds of pregnant women and they go for caesarian deliveries to avoid all that pains which you have to face in normal delivery.
  • The previous painful experience of the mother of the expecting woman or the woman herself, if she is having a second child, also plays a major role in opting for a caesarian delivery.
  • Lack of emotional support from her family during the labor pains, especially in Pakistan.
  • Time management for working women, as they can manage time according to their delivery date or adjust their date if they have any problems taking a long leave.
  • Nowadays many doctors give women a choice whether they want to have a caesarian delivery or the normal one.
  • Breech position
  • Failure to progress in labor

Hazards of Caesarian Delivery

  • In caesarian delivery, whether it is done through spinal anesthesia or the ordinary type, pain comes afterward and stays for a longer period of time
  • The risk of wound infection is greater in this kind of delivery.
  • Caesarian delivery leaves a scar on the lower abdomen.
  • The muscles tend to become loose and take a longer time to come back into their normal position. If proper exercise is not done, they might never again regain their original shape.
  • In most women going for spinal anesthesia, spinal headaches are reported when the effect wears off.
  • The involution of organs takes a longer time after caesarian delivery.
  • It takes a longer time for the woman to regain her normal day-to-day activities as she cannot bend or pick up heavy things at least six months. If proper care is not taken, there are chances of developing a hernia.

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  1. I always wonder about stuff like this in the gym.. I have great form and I always pay extreme attention to all the exercises to make sure that (to the best of my knowledge) i am doing them to get the best effects.. im always scared though that if i drop my weight a bit that i wont be able to eventually get my weight higher and or get bigger (since my body wont think the weight is to much and not seeing a need to grow??)

  2. hi,
    i want to know that after a c section,increase in weight specially tummy portion or other things like not able to do normal day-to-day activity etc are the must-going-to-happen thing?. this is my 6th month of pregnancy and iam really worried about labor pains and delivery. iam sure that i cant bear that pain but my in-laws are forcing to go for normal delivery. i also know that normal delivery is the best one, but simultaneously i also know that my body is not for normal delivery ,i just cant bear the pain. but people around me are giving scary pictures of c-section and after effects. pls guide me.


    1. The best way to deliver is natural, go for it and you will be fine. i have two daughters and both were delivered normal. my thinking was also like yours but when time came God helped me and i suggest you tha t go for normal one

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