Carpe Diem Restaurant Lahore


It is situated in the by-lanes of M.M Alam Road. The word Carpe Diem means “big cheer”.With its mud-plastered walls, it is a cool sight for tired eyes, especially in the heat of summer. Two palm trees compliment the exterior backed with more greenery. When you step inside you are in another world. Low lightings creates a very romantic atmosphere. With minimal decoration, including a few lighted candles set on a single shelf slowly giving the walls a darkish brown hue, the restaurant spells simplicity, romance and privacy. Light wooden chairs, set along with a few sea-green comfy sofas, make for a hearty welcome.

Gusts are complementary served with Carpe Diem’s Botanic Water in dark green bottles.It has strict “no soft drink policy”.  The philosophy behind the eatery serving healthy food is that “by keeping the spices to the minimum, the natural flavors are kept consistent”.

As a starter, Falafel is a nice choice. A small bowl of Hummus also accompanies this dish, set with some green olives and tomato salad. Not to be missed is the small serving of vinaigrette in a glass. For main course Pollo de Monte Carlo is a good choice. This is a big serving of chicken breast piece, stuffed with a very tasty paste made with walnuts, basil leaves, honey and mustard sauce. This dish is simply mouth watering. Another good choice is Pesta-armour. At the end one can have the dessert which is different on different days of weeks.

Overall the Carpe Diem experience lives to its name.There are live music performances over dinner on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. “Carpe Diem” doesnt mean “big cheer” it mean “seize the day” which sometimes is taken in the meaning of “live in the present” do ur research first or at least use google

  2. u forgot to mention baking powder in shais brownies..i took faith in your recipe and they were horrible..plz be careful as beginners mite b reading ur recipes as well..dont let us to our doom

    1. i am really very sorry that i forgot to mention it. Next time i will be more than careful and i know exactly that without baking powder baking is impossible. sorry once again.

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