Beauty Notes

Here are some beauty notes for you. Try them and look naturally beautiful and stunning. Perfect Hair Alternate your shampoo…..if you have colored and fine hair, use a shampoo for colored hair one day. Then use one for fine hair the next day to get the best of both formulas. Wash your hair properly. Wrinkle …

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Tips to be happy

Happiness doesn’t come with money. There are many rich people who don’t feel happy in their life. Happiness comes with simple things in life. Don’t do things to please others. Life is really very short so do what you like. Following are the simple 7 tips to be happy. ·. Never hate Don’t hate any …

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How To Be Beautiful

Every girl wants to be beautiful and here I am helping you to live your dream. The secret to make you beautiful inside outside is given below. You can reshape your body and your whole personality and be a carved person with an amazing grace without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are few …

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Some Beauty Tips

For glowing skin: · Take a 1tb.s honey and add few drops of lemon in it, mix this mixture and apply It over your face, after 10 minutes wash it with water and you will feel the instant glow on your face. You can use this tip just before going to any party or any …

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