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Lifestyle Appliances Private Limited (LSA) is the sole Agent and exclusive distributor of BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgerate GmbH (Home Appliances) in Pakistan. The Company, growing at a high pace and striving towards achieving its goals and heights of success, has been serving its customers for the past two years since it was formed with [...]

Dining etiquette is all about knowing how to eat exotic dishes impeccably and knowing which cutlery to use and when to use them. Here are the list of some foods and the ways to deal with them. Soups Soups are normally served in a soup bowl. An oval spoon is often used for all sorts [...]

Its a fact that when couples are distanced from one another, it usually arouses desperate feelings of love and compassion for their significant other. But although this is usually the case, sadly and importantly enough, it is not always the case. Things are also as likely to go in opposite direction where the new found [...]

Bigger is no longer better for an elegant evening. Maybe it was one too many chiropractic bills, but whatever the cause, the absurdly oversize purse is making way for the newest “it” bag…… the clutch. Always an elegant evening essential, they are now just as desirable for day with larger rectangular frame sizes to hold [...]

Have you ever told your child that how great he or she is? There are eight easy steps to build your child’s self-esteem and future: Have Faith In Your Child A survey of adults with special needs revealed that the one factor that lead them to move on in life was the faith expressed in [...]

Remember the childhood fairy tales in which there used to be houses made of chocolates and candies?. Well, it may not be a house made of chocolate but the Mayfair Candy Shop in Defence Lahore is drawing in a large numbers of buyers, mostly kids. Being the first ever exclusive candy shop in Pakistan, it [...]

Reflecting a boom of commercial activities in the city, a special breed of shops is sprouting up in each and every locality. Call them theme shops or shops with a specific outlook, the fact remains that it takes some guts to invest in an unusual idea and loads of imagination and creativity to create such [...]

Giving a gift is just as important as getting one. Lals realizes this and that is why they put together the right present for the right person. This goes beyond simply wrapping boxes, as the rustle of tissue paper, festive strands of ribbon and elegant packaging are just important as the quality of confectionery. The [...]

Hey viewers good morning, hope you all are doing fine. Today i changed the outlook of my site. Hope that you all will like this change. I am already getting a very good response from you and i do need your suggestions and your support all the time. Do give your comments about the new [...]