Managing Diabetes In Pregnancy

The International Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome(HAPO) study lately announced its results, stating a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. It was observed that pregnant non-diabetic women having blood glucose in the upper normal range can have increased risks for their newborns similar to diabetic mothers. Here are some facts about …

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How To Reduce Migraines

Migraine pain is believed to originate from inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain. Theories about the exact cause of inflammation range from nervous system malfunctions to an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain. Known migraine triggers include hormonal fluctuations, emotions, changes in weather, strong odors, and some foods. Alcohol, aged cheeses, monosodium …

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Dengue Fever Remedy

Here is my tried and tested dengue fever remedy. Hope it will help many people who are suffering from this terrible fever and have no clue what to do. I would like to share this interesting discovery from a classmate’s son who has just recovered from dengue fever. Apparently, his son was in the critical …

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Fighting Allergy! How to get rid of different forms of allergy

By DR: Mian Muslim Malana Allergy is a state of persistently enhancing chain of steps or a series of hypersensitivity crises. We come to notice allergy only after it has been recognized. Hence understanding its fundamentals is essential for its prevention and management. It may knock anyone, anytime and any organ of the body. Some …

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Are You Diabetic?

How do you tell the difference between being mildly sensitive to blood sugar levels and having full-blown diabetes? Read this article to know that are you diabetic? True hypoglycemia- low blood sugar- is in fact a medical condition, diagnosed by a glucose tolerance test which involves drinking a glucose solution on an empty stomach and …

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