Chameleon Restaurant Royal Palm

Royal Palm introduced a fine dinning restaurant in Lahore. Lahore offers a very few options when it comes to fine dinning. Most Lahories love to have fast food or traditional food. But to make some occasions memorable for your life time, you need to have some fine dinning experience once in your life.


Chameleon offers fine dinning experience with luxury and comfort. Once you enter chameleon you feel the sense of lavishness and luxury at once. The first thing one will notice is the interior of the restaurant. The furniture is so elegant and you can watch the luscious golf course from windows. Background music makes it more romantic. Its seating capacity is up to 120 persons.

Chameleon presents a unique fine dining experience with a selection of dishes conceived over a fusion of sensual flavors, moreover textures impressed from cuisines across the globe. The Chameleon promises finest local and imported ingredients, which combine to produce a stimulating choice of sublime dishes that will be served to delight the most discerning palate and dazzle aesthetic connoisseurs.

Menu card give you choice of fixed menu which comprises of four course chef’s recommended meal. Fixed menu changes everyday. If you don’t want to try fixed menu then you can order from regular menu. The menu offers something for everyone from seafood to chicken and steaks and mouthwatering desserts.

For jazz lovers Chameleon hosts a jazz night every Saturday and a live piano night every Friday. The menu on these days is fixed and the atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing weekend. The service is at par with the rest of the dinning experience and every customer is given a special treatment. The hospitality of the staff makes the entire experience warm and welcoming.

Once you visit the place you will fell in love with it and you will feel like a royalty.

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