Clifton Grill (Restaurant Of Chef Zakir)

Chef Zakir is currently running a restaurant called Clifton Grill which is located in Clifton and has been considered as one of the finest restaurant in Karachi. A great environment with great food are the main part of attraction for this restaurant.


Even though the theme of this restaurant is BBQ, it is not the only dish they serve; they also serve many other dishes like Pakistani, Continental and Chinese. They even serve cocktail and beverages as well .The favorite menu of this restaurant which has been titled as the famous Pakistani recipe and mostly ordered by everyone is “HANDI”.In biryani they have Mughlai and Sindhi, They also serve Sajji that is the specialty of Pakistan but with Balochi style So come, do try out some of their mouth-watering dishes in this very restaurant called CLIFTON GRILL.

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