Cold Coffee Recipe

What could be better in a summer then glass of iced coffee. Here is my favorite iced coffee recipe.

cold coffee

Ingredients Of Cold Coffee

  • Coffee 4 tsp
  • Sugar 8tsp
  • Warm water ¼ cups
  • Milk 1ltr pack (chill it)
  • Vanilla ice cream ½ liter pack
  • Chocolate syrup

Method Of Cold Coffee

  • Beat coffee and sugar in some of the warm water, but not let the color lighten.
  • Take some of the chilled milk and add the beaten coffee in it and blend it together, until smooth.
  • Now add rest of milk in the blender and add a half of ice cream and again blend it for a minute.
  • Take the glasses and sprinkle the chocolate syrup inwards in zigzag form.
  • Put the coffee in glasses.
  • Add a scoop of ice cream in each glass.
  • Decorate it with chocolate syrup and put in spoons and straws.
  • Serve chilled.

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