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cosa nostra

If you are in Lahore (Pakistan) and you have never visited “Cosa Nostra” then it means that you are missing a high quality food. Cosa Nostra is located in the heart of Gulberg. Once you are within the walls of the restaurant, you do not feel like you are in Lahore and it feels like a foreign restaurant.

The restaurant is divided into three parts, La pizzeria, cosa Nostra (the fine dining experience) and La Grille on the roof top, which is catering Italian grilled food for the first time in Pakistan. La pizzeria serves Italian snack food with the utmost authenticity.

There are more than 500 original recipes created by the family. The price tags are quiet reasonable. La pizzeria comes up to about RS 500-600 per head excluding taxes, which is affordable. The fine dining experience is available at a price tag of RS 1590 per head excluding taxes, it is little expensive but I think that it worth it. When one takes the first bite of anything from the menu, gets immediately transported to Italy.

People of Lahore love eating so dining out is not a big deal for them, but the concept of the fine dining and its etiquettes are always misunderstood. Cosa Nostra is bound to provide the right experience.

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  1. Dear Respected Madam,

    Hope you are doing well. I am interested in taking the franchise of your prestigious restaurant, COSA NOSTRA in Karachi Please let me know if you are interested in working with us.


    Best Regards

    Hasan Tahir Siddiqui
    Shireen Emirates Group
    [email protected]
    00971-50-7146968 Dubai.

      1. the place was fine it was just i took an american friend of mine there tonight and there were bunch of girls speaking too loud that she had to stop em from jumping of to walls…food was ok…i wish could hd some pakistani food on menu as well

  2. Neel,

    Thank you so much for your review here. I was looking for the best possible Italian cuisine in Lahore with a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. So is Cosa Nostra the place or could it get any better than this in Lahore?

    what about the setting inside the cosa Nostra (the fine dining experience). is the pic in here form the place? does it get too crowded?



  3. the food quality is best and it is crowded on weekends other wise on week days crowd is normal……………….the interior is stunning and this pic is not of cosa nostra, i tried but i didnt find any on net. Next time i will visit it then i must take some pics……………..and you should try that fine dining experience

  4. yeah it was amazing to see the beer & wine being served openly in so called ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, what a shame for owners of Cosa Nostra………. and ppl drinking there………… it was really pathetic…………..

  5. I hate it when ppl go to a posh place for eyecandy and then complain they saw something un Islamic! Thats what i call pathetic!

  6. hi i am from brussels belgium and love pakistan and lahore, please give me the adress a and tel nr for this cosa nostra i would love to eat there

    by the way why you not let the wine and beer free in pakistan, people can make their own choice and it would be harder not to drink then when there is no possibility at all and then people make their own alcohol which can be dangerous and killing…..

    it is easy to say we dont drink ,if there is nothing to find on the market,exept for the ones with the money…

  7. Well, i went to cosa nosta, and I loved it! As for your comment, Rizwan, it is time that we progress forward and look at other unislamic things being done in our society instead of concentrating on trivial issues such as ‘offering of wine/beer’…if u dont agree with it, fine, but dont poke ur nose into somebody’s else s business. that is unacceptable. even if the restaurant owners are serving it, it is not harming you in any matter, so refrain from commenting about the owners in such a negative manner. GROW UP!

    1. Ali, if the root of legislation is theological, does that mean it can be ignored. its one thing to say that you believe in secularization and that there is nothing wrong with unislamic practices prevailing in society, but if u do have legislation criminalizing( not simply banning) the possession and sale of alcohol, then i believe it is sad that we cant enforce such laws on out elite.

  8. hi.. can u tell me the exact address of the restaurant so i wont have dificulties in reaching coz im coming from Isl nxt week… so please anyone???

  9. thing is alcohol is BANNED and prohibited BY LAW!! 4get bout Islam for a sec ders nuthn Islamic bout us to b very honest!!! every oder day u c ppl caught on police chowkees, wid alcohol n drugs. dey put those ppl behind BARS for possesion of alcohol!!!!
    soooo point is y is it so openly available? becuz the rich can drink n the poor cant??? we need justice n equailty ppl!!!!

    p.s. check the menu again its probably non-alcoholic beer n wine, baqi restraunts freddy’s etc men b milta hai but ‘non’-alcoholic

  10. The food quality was pretty good, Although the waiter took his time in bringing us the pizza’s. The pizza’s are worth a try. I went there for steaks, but they had a party going on the floors above so the kitchen wasn’t making any steaks that night. Not to mention the loud music from the party which made the atmosphere even worse. I didn’t like the seating as well. two average sized guys cannot possibly sit freely and comfortably on the benches in the basement. And if they really want to imitate a wine bottle cabinet and they think it looks classy which I believe was of no use, the least you can do is clean the bottle ends and the racks, they had piles of dirt on them. The lighting was wrong, should be more focused on the tables. The service was clearly not as good as you would expect on a classy restaurant, the waiters seemed heavily overloaded. The icecream is outta this world, I would go to CosaNostra just for their icecream. They own the basics of a wonderful restaurant experience, all they need is better presentation.

  11. Don’t waste your money if u want beer.go to pearl DA parking there’s a open bar.park your car n any agent will approach u.
    Best of the best murree brewery u will get.
    Glass bottle strong beer 200 rs
    Tin classic beer 250
    Strong 9 % my fav tin 350 each
    They sell minimum 10 pieces.
    Pati or box is of 20.

  12. Ppl complaining about alcohol sale. Could you plaese answer a few of my questionsif thats okay with you since you find it so offensive that they sell alcohol.
    Okay now lies and deceiving is the cause of all evil and a sin but every raory wala “gareeb” do that on daily basis. They sell fruits veggies whatever they have for almost twice the amount that is mentioned on the paper given to them by the government which states all the prices. Talking about poor people go to a mechanic or a small tea stall everybody is earning haram. Let me correct almost everybody 99.9 % . According to me that is a way bigger sin then selling alcohol in a restaurant which gives you a clear choice to buy it or not. The day when the poor of this country learn to live their lives honestly our destiny will change. Ot is just the middle class who mainly tries their best to be honest and earn halal well almost most of them. The ones who starts to earn haram go to upper class. Its the upper class who earns haram well not a very big majority of them but the so called poor class the majority earns haram. Thats why they remain poor. What I am saying might hurt and offend alot of people but if you really think about it am not actually wrong. If you still think so next time you go to buy some fruits for yourself ask the guy to show you the official paper he has been given for rates of every fruit and then ask him why he is not selling for the same price. He ll eother start to be aggressive sating take it or go away or say that he gets it for more price from the main mandi which is utter bullshit. I ve checked and so can you. Another thing stop at any redlight in Lahore and atleast 5 different beggers will come to your car, isnt that haram. You know something Pakistan ranks as no 1 country who gives the most charity and still existence of these ppl dowsnt nake sensè. I really use to feel for these ppl, there was a time where my heart would melt seeing a poor guy or an old man or a woman struggling on the street and if I had only 10 rs in my wallet I’d give them. Now, i truely despise them. They are thieves, liars and even make the situation bad for even the people who really nèed help. I dunno why I’ve strayed to the topic so much maybe i just flowed with my emotions. The bottom line is alcohol should be legalized otherwise who is drinking is still drinking but putting ot under taxation would help the government instead of the bootleggers. Thats my whole point. As, in a city like dubai alcohol is readily available but they ve mosques too. So, as Allah gives you a choice so ahould our government. Tou should have the right to choose and if you take the wrong way you pay the consequences ots pretty simple.

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