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Crunchy Rainbow Custard Recipe (By Chef Asad)


You will love this crunchy rainbow custard with lots of fruits and cream. It is the best dessert to end your dinner.

crunchy rainbow custard

Ingredients Of Crunchy Rainbow Custard

  • 3 tbsp. vanilla custard
  • 3 tbsp. banana custard
  • 1 liter milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 pack strawberry jelly
  • 1 pack blueberry jelly
  • 2 tbsp. china grass
  • 2 mangoes
  • 1 apple
  • 1 cup cherry
  • 2 cups grapes
  • 1 cup pineapple
  • Plain cake as required
  • 1 cup sugar for crunch

Method Of Crunchy Rainbow Custard

  • Take a pan add sugar in it, melt it.
  • Now take a tray, grease it with oil and pour the sugar syrup on a tray and leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Now take that sugar strip and crush it with the help of  roller
  • Now take ½ liter milk and cook it with ½ cup sugar.
  • Take ¼ cup milk and add custard in it and dissolve it and add in milk and keep mixing continuously so that there are no lumps. Do same to make the other custard.
  • To make jelly, take ½ cup water and 1 tbsp. china grass, when it dissolves add jelly in it add more water and cook for 2 minutes, then put it in the freezer to cool it. Make another jelly with the same process.
  • Cut mango, apple, and banana in cubes.
  • Now take a dish add banana custard then mango, then banana, then apple, cherry, grapes, then add jelly both flavors, then add cake then vanilla custard and the crunch.
  • Repeat the same process again and decorate it with cream.
  • Your Crunchy Rainbow Custard is ready.


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