Crying Reduce The Stress: Have A Good Cry:(((


Its ok, 85% of women say they feel better after crying. It’s a way humans have of alleviating stress. Just how does it work? Tears rid the body of chemicals that build up during periods of stress, allowing us to relax. As far as men are concerned, the society we live is a male dominated one and one of the trademarks of macho and man hold is never to shed tears. It is ok to cry to relieve your stress, crying does not make you less of a man or unwise, it’s a remedy to handle your tensions and is to channelize your pent up emotions.

After all men are from Mars , women are from Venice. Both are different biological human beings. So women don’t have to feel a little if tears roll down their cheeks. Its ok you are doing good to yourself, crying will help to reduce your stress and afterward you will feel light like feather.

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