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Dining Etiquette


Dining etiquette is all about knowing how to eat exotic dishes impeccably and knowing which cutlery to use and when to use them. Here are the list of some foods and the ways to deal with them.



Soups are normally served in a soup bowl. An oval spoon is often used for all sorts of soups. A bowl of soup is typically placed on a plate when served. Although it is very popular in our country now a days, many folks are still unaware about the right manner of taking this. So here are some tips, which will be helpful when you are served soup in a formal gathering.

  • When using the soupspoon, always move the spoon away from your body, and then sip from the side. Never put the entire spoon into your mouth.
  • It is acceptable to tilt the bowl slightly away from your body to get to the last few spoonful of the soup.
  • Once you are finished, always place the soupspoon on the side of the plate this indicates that you are ready for the next course.

Popular International Delights



A taco is a large corn, tortilla shell that comes in various shapes, sizes and form. It contain a variety of stuffing such as fried chicken chunks or strips, shredded lettuce and cheese. Tacos are frequently topped off with guacamole, salsa or sour cream. Its popularity has increased now a days. Here are some tips for eating tacos in neat style:

  • Trying to cut the crisp taco shell with a knife and fork is a daunting task. Therefore it’s perfectly acceptable to eat tacos by holding them into your hand.
  • The meat or vegetable filling, the lettuce or cheese, may fell into your plate. If this happen, use the fork to eat the filling.


Fondues are a tasty dish of melted cheese served in a pot with small bread pieces.

  • If you are sharing a cheese fondue, as it is often the case, pierce a bit of bread on a fondue fork, before dipping it into a pot of hot melted cheese.
  • It is polite practice not to touch the fork with your lips as the fork goes right back into the pot.

Fruit Basket



  • Always slice a whole mango into half lengthwise, then cut into quarters with a fruit knife before savoring it.
  • Once sliced, hold each slice with a fork before pulling the skin away. Use a spoon to eat the mangoes.
  • If you are served sliced mango simply eat it with fork.


Always cut a papaya in half the scoop out and discard the seeds before eating the fruit with help of fork. Pouring some lemon juice or sprinkle some salt and pepper over it also gives a yummy taste. Try to serve chilled pieces.



If you are lucky enough to be served large strawberries, it is acceptable to eat them whole. Just clasp each strawberry by the stem finish each strawberry in a few bites and then discard the stem on your plate.


Some More Tips

Salt And Pepper

During the meal, if you are asked to pass the salt, pick up and pass both salt and pepper. This is true even if you were asked to only hand over one of the two.

Paper Wrappers

Sugar sachet wrappers can be safely left next to your plate or simply tuck them under your saucer. Butter wrappers are best left on plate.

Use Of Napkins

  • A proper use of napkin is subtle affair. At the beginning of the meal unfold the napkin and spread it over your lap.
  • If you find that you have to leave the table during a meal, just leave the napkin on either side of your plate.
  • If during your meal you happen to accidentally drop the napkin on the floor, simply indicate a staff member so that he can bring you a replacement.
  • Lastly, while leaving the table at the conclusion of the meal, leave the napkin loose beside the plate, without folding or crumpling it.


The correct use of utensils is easy to remember once you get the hang of it.

  • Always use your utensils from outside in. Simply put, this means that the fork outside is the one to be used for the appetizer. For the next course, use the next fork and so on. The same rule applies to the spoons and knives.
  • If you taking a long pause between two courses, always make sure that you place the fork on the left and the knife on the right in such a way that they cross over at the center of plate.
  • Once you are finished with the meal, place the knife and fork diagonally on the plate. The cutting edge of the knife should be pointing towards you.


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