Dr. Khurram Tips For Double Chin


Diet For Double Chin

To reduce your double chin you should avoid cold drinks, chocolates, fried snacks and junk food.

Exercise For Double Chin

Be regular in morning exercises. Do neck and chin exercise for double chin problem. Rotate your neck 8-10 times a day so as to make it flexible especially if you sit for long hours in front of the computer. Also, do more of facial exercise

Facial Massage For Double Chin

Pour just a teaspoon of sunflower oil into one hand, rub it into both hands and apply the oil to your neck and face in long, upward and outward sweeping movements. With the fingers, relaxed, use the thumbs to press into the muscle underneath the jaw, starting in the center of the chin and working outwards towards the angle of the jaw bone as well as downwards movement. Do it for 4 minutes every day

2 thoughts on “Dr. Khurram Tips For Double Chin”

  1. Hi Neel, thanks for this information. I’ve found that as well as performing targeted exercises such as chin rotations, incorporating as much cardiovascular exercises (running, cycling, walking, etc.) into your daily routine can have a huge effect on getting rid of your double chin.
    With regards to diet, I also believe that as well as avoiding ‘bad’ foods such as those listed in your article, people looking to reduce a double chin should also try to consume as many ‘good’ foods as they can- such as proteins, fibre and wholegrain carbs.

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