Dr. Khurram Tips For Smooth Hands And Feet

In winters your skin gets dry and hard and to care for that I present to all you beauty conscious people a vey easy home made solution for dry skin recommended by Dr. Khurram which is very easy to make and will especially helpful in winters. This isn’t a skin care product but an organic way to create one.


Mix the following ingredients and make a paste like a cream. Apply it on your dry skin especially hands and feet which get most effected in winters and leave it overnight. In the morning wash it off with lemon rind or juice and you will thank me for this after using it for a weeks time.

  • White soft paraffin 50%
  • Liquid paraffin 50%
  • Petroleum jelly 50%
  • Salicylic acid 10%
  • Hydroquinone cream or powder 4%

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