Dr. Khurram Tips For Premature Grey/ White Hair

Premature grey hair is very common nowadays because of substandard and imbalanced diet. Its very common even in small kids. Coloring grey hair is very common but eventually, it destroys your hair because of chemicals present in them. Kala pathar used in the following tip is easily available from grocery stores.

premature grey hair

Following is treatment forĀ  grey or white hair by Dr. Khurram:

  • 10 gm kala pathar, crushed
  • 1 jute piece ash
  • 1/2 kg coconut oil
  • Mix all these ingredients well. Massage this mixture on your head at night and leave it for overnight. Wash it in morning with selenium 2.5% shampoo. Apply it on alternate days.
  • Take a multivitamin with zinc daily.
  • Eat the balanced diet.

20 thoughts on “Dr. Khurram Tips For Premature Grey/ White Hair”

  1. kala pathr pori rat hairz pr lga chor dai tu nuqsan nhi hoga kya? Mai nai suna hy nahty waqt b ehtyat krna hy tiles b kalay hojty hy

  2. HAs anyone tried these remedies?? i cant find reveiws or personal experiences of people who have used Dr Khurum’s hair oils. please guide

    1. Yes it gas tremendous dangeroys side effects dont ever use it please yeh ganja karedaga hanesha k liye apko

  3. Dont use kala pathar isy ganj panj b hojata hy n it had alot of side effects please do use reetha amla n potato peels juice instead of kala pathar is too dangerous

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