Drink Water For Good Health And Great Looks

Drinking lots of water is vital to good health and also for good looks. Anything dehydrated, picture a dried prune, gets to look pretty wrinkled. And as dehydration is part of the ageing process, drinking plenty of water is essential not only to keep the skin resilient but also to keep the organs functioning and the brain alert.


Water Facts

The most important role of water in body is to cleanse away toxins and waste products . Around 45 liters of water are needed by a healthy body to pump blood, lymph, nutrients, waste products and other substances. If this amount is not available, normal functions are impaired.

Fortunately, you don’t need to replace all 45 liters of water daily but four pints a day are ideal to maintain a normal health. Sadly, tea, coffee and alcohol don’t count. They dry out the body so none of the water is on tap for use. Often we drink tea because we are thirsty, but tea is a dehydrator and affects kidney function. So if you drink tea or coffee, try the French habit of drinking a glass of mineral water whenever you have a hot drink, especially if it’s an espresso coffee.

You should also check out how much sugar and processed food you eat. These heavily deplete your water supplies and give very little nourishment in return. Wholefoods and pulses are drying but nutritious, so eat these with salads to help top up liquid levels.


Dehydration can result from stress. At times of stress more water, oxygen and nutrients are directed to the brain so it can plan for action.As most of us have to deal with medium and long term stress some of the time, the answer is to fill up with plenty of liquid to give the body the best chance of health in tough times.

Stress Remedy With Help Of Water

Try boiling some water with a couple of slices of ginger as a stress remedy. It can be a good way to take in liquid and also to maintain heat in the body.

Herb and fruit teas also add to the water supply available in the body, unlike squashes and soft drinks, whose sweeteners are essentially dehydrating.

Lose Weight With Help Of Water

Drinking lots of water can also help you lose weight, since feeling hungry doesn’t necessarily mean you need food. The hunger signal could simply mean you need energy. Try a glass of water before meals to help fill the gaps.

No matter how you do it, your body wants four pints of water a day. Don’t wait until you are thirsty, just slice an orange and a lemon, dangle them over the top of you clear glass of water and boost your vibrant health.

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