Dull and Dark Skin


To understand our skin, first we have to understand what goes within. There are numerous chemical reactions goes on within. These chemical processes result in the production of toxins. These toxins make our skin dull and lusterless.

To take good care of your skin, it is essential to maintain a healthy nutritional diet, which includes all fresh vegetable, fruits, dairy products and pulses and i forget the most important thing , its water, drink lots and lots of water, it will clean you from inside and the glow will be seen in your face. Then exercise regularly and if you cant then try to walk daily and most of all moisturize your skin regularly and use a good quality detoxing cream.

2 thoughts on “Dull and Dark Skin”

    1. Detoxing creams are easily available in market. Ponds is a good option. These cream helps to clean your skin deeply and more efficiently.

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