Espresso (coffee cafe)


Espresso is in the 10th Zamzama commercial lane DHA phase 5, Karachi Pakistan. Its surprisingly easy to miss as there is no sign for it on the side road which leads down to it.

Espresso is a cafe rather than a coffee shop, so it tends to be crowded and often plays loud music, not a place for quiet contemplation but more for times when you want people around.

Its a great place to visit whether you like to start each morning or end each evening with a cup of coffee. Although its not the cheapest place to grab a snack, the food is fresh and well presented and the coffee is excellent.

Espresso is a proper coffee shop cafe where you can huddle over a table with your laptop, a cup of hot cappuccino, maybe a pastry or an appetizing sandwich, and go online and enjoy your perfect day.

So head to Espresso, order a hot coffee, grab the daily newspaper and enjoy.

Note:They have also two other branches, one in" The Form” and other in" DHA 6 main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz”.

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