Every Jewelry Wearer Should Know These Tips

Every women should know what jewels flatters her face and body. Different shapes and sizes of jewelry can be used to accentuate your best features.


For Tall Person

If you are tall and possess a nice long neck, don’t hesitate to wear long dangling earrings. They look especially good with sleek, straight hair.

For Petite Person

If, on the other hand, you are petite, your friends are small earrings that won’t weight you down. Chunky button earrings, especially with a gem are fabulous on a full-figured lady with an elaborate hairstyle.

Tips While Selecting Rings

A ring is the piece of jewelry preferred by many women both for its aesthetic value and symbolic meaning. Slim diamond rings are commonly worn on the ring finger. Never put two or more rings on the same finger. Rings with a gemstone of more than 10k are usually worn on a forefinger. Chunky rings make wide or long hands seem smaller.

Matching Jewelry With Your Personality

Jewelry, like any other fashion accessory, has to match the wearer’s individual personality. For example, the latest trend is bold jewelry. Large pieces can be great fashion statement and a true conversation starter. However, wearing these pieces requires one thing, confidence. You have to be comfortable drawing attention to yourself.

Keeping large pieces of jewelry looking great and not tacky just takes a little know how. Remember, keep it as simple as possible. If you are wearing an oversized necklace, say a large polki diamond necklace, keep the rest of your jewelry understated and for that matter, keep your outfit more subdued. Be easy on the prints when wearing large pieces of jewelry. You are already drawing lots of attention to your jewelry and you don’t want your outfit to be too loud. White, beige, black or solid colors create a fabulous backdrop for jewelry.

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