Fashion Dos And Don’ts


  • Do wear color near your face.
  • Don’t wear sweaters so long that they make you look short.
  • Do borrow your husband’s clothes.
  • Don’t wear acid-washed jeans.
  • Cropped pants can make you look shorter.
  • Do wear a hip slip or minimizer under tight clothes.
  • Do have a stash of basics on hand: T-shirts, leggings, black socks and tights.
  • Monochromatic outfits are one of the best slimming secret there is.
  • Don’t over accessorize.

Lies, Lies, Lies

  • You should wear suede shoes in summer or patent leather in winter.
  • Handbags have to match your outfit.
  • Black is boring.
  • If you wear two pieces that are both navy, the color have to match.

(its all but impossible)

Elements Of Style

  • Do Try something that’s not you once in a while.
  • Adapt trends so that they work for you adapt is the key word here.
  • A peshwas is not for everyone, for example. But if you love the look, try a similar cut that will flatter you.
  • Hold on to a few of your favorite outdated pieces. You never know.
  • Add a couple of stylish, inexpensive things to your wardrobe each season.


  • Force yourself to wear something for somebody else.
  • Dress like a teenager.
  • Mix two seasons in one outfit.


  • Wear black with navy. Trust me both of them also go with cream, white, beige, brown and the combinations are timelessly elegant.
  • Don’t wear too many colors at once. If you find an inexpensive, basic item that fits well, buy it in several colors.

Dressing Up

  • Do wear black for an evening affair if the event is black tie.
  • Do carry a small evening bag and don’t overstuff it.
  • Don’t wear a casual watch with very dressy clothes.
  • Don’t wear anything too tight, too sexy or too see-through.
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes.


The All Time, Best Ever, A Number One Figure Do:

  • Learn to love your body, flaws and all.

Figure It Out


  • Buy elastic waist pants and skirts, they are more comfortable.
  • Emphasize your best feature.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes in soft, drapery fabrics.
  • Choose belts that match your pants for an unbroken line.
  • Opt for pinstripes rather than wide vertical stripes.
  • Treat yourself to a new outfit when you lose a few pounds.
  • Opt for jackets with soft, body skimming lines.
  • Take advantage of cover it all tunic tops.
  • Wear layers of streamlined knits. not bulky ones.
  • Make sure you have one outfit that you know you will feel good in even on fat days.


  • Wear a skimpy dress unless you are sure that you look good in it.
  • Fall victim to the whims of fashion and wear ultra wide leg pants.
  • Reveal too much when you wear leggings. Even if your rear end is super toned. Always wear a top that covers it.
  • Buy pants or skirts without checking out your rear view and when you try on pants, always sit down in them.



  • Good eyeglasses frames. Don’t wear them on a clunky chain around your neck. If you must, choose something a little more subtle.
  • A good versatile scarf that goes with the colors you wear most and look for silk crepe versions. They are usually easier to tie and more likely to stay that way.
  • A good bag that will last for years, big enough for all your essentials, but not too big.
  • A pair of classic pumps. Look for, leather, heels no higher than 2 inches and a natural, versatile color like black, navy or ivory.
  • A nice pearl string.

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