Fighting Allergy! How to get rid of different forms of allergy

By DR: Mian Muslim Malana

Allergy is a state of persistently enhancing chain of steps or a series of hypersensitivity crises. We come to notice allergy only after it has been recognized. Hence understanding its fundamentals is essential for its prevention and management. It may knock anyone, anytime and any organ of the body.


Some strange proteins, having a totally different shape, structure, and properties than our body proteins, called “Allergens” are responsible for the initiation, instigation, and dissemination of various endogenic and exogenic reactions of the body. The exaggerated manifestation of such reactions in the body which creates unexpected crises and deep apprehension. It keeps and repeats with the embellished reaction of body Autonomic N.S. A sum-up of all such conditions is called “Allergy”. The older it grows the higher it irritates, the more medication the more complications. Anti-allergy medicine has become so important and popular that it is being used in flu to fever and even in certain cancers.

To keep the human body functional, operational, and energetic, many-body systems have been created for example respiratory system, digestive system, and circulatory system. All these systems are functionally co-related through a Central Nervous System. A network of vast spreading nerves with their end organs is present in all parts of the body. Functionally these receptors are grouped into many segments.

An allergy may develop even by looking at something. All these segments are connected to each other through various brain centers just like the telephone network in a city. Sensations of heat, cold, hunger, thirst, happiness and sorrow, internal and external environmental changes are generated by specific segments of receptors. The nasal passage which keeps mostly relatively dry, so the various agents, like dust, pollen, bacteria, virus, etc. pass across the nasal track and pass away across our sensory zone without producing any effects just like our food which produces a good taste in our mouth but no taste beyond the throat. On the other hand, if these membranes become over wet, almost all the particles like dust, pollen, etc. will stick to the surface of the nasal mucous m. membrane. This new change physically alters the surface of the membrane. Under these conditions even a very light air current can produce very strong swinging movements of these particles embedded on the m.membrane, producing about acute hypersensitivity crises, called a local allergic reaction.

The importance of air life probably needs no introduction. Without oxygen, we cannot survive. Air is not a fixed structure. It changes from time to time. Urbanization has created pollution. A rapid increase of which is becoming dangerous to health and life. The department of “Environmental protection” is working on it. Air is a mixture of many gases, moisture, and particles. A positive electric charge is present around each particle. This charge keeps changing.

Similarly, fast-moving traffic can bring a similar change in the air. These similarly charged particles repel and suspend each other. These particles have an electrical activity which if falls can blaze a house. If it gradually and continuously enters our body systems it will raise the electrical level of our body and can cause a distortion in the function of an enzyme system which in turn produces “allergens” from our metabolism.

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, salts, vitamins, and water each having a specific metabolic pathway. For growth and repair of our body food is the basic component of our body structure. The importance of water is known to everyone. Although water is used for the treatment of many diseases its importance in the treatment of allergies is many folds. Most anti-allergy medicines cause dryness in various body systems. Water reduces the amount and pressure of various secretions. This combines the effect of all this is such that the patient starts feeling better.

As all medicines are some sort of chemicals. They are most commonly used. certain medicine especially anti-allergy is used for decades together. These medicines have no role in the cure of such problems.

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