Fitness Trends For Men

It sometimes can be quite confusing to choose a fitness regime that suits the man’s lifestyle and is sufficiently trendy at the same time. If you are looking to get back into shape or want to try a new fitness trend, here are a few fitness trends for men that are effective and result oriented.



Who says yoga is not for men? If that were true, then how do you explain all the top-level conditioned male athletes in the world who spend hours practicing yoga techniques? Yoga provides many benefits to the average male. Hours of work and little to no activity leave the body drained of energy and render it stiff, out of alignment, and often damaged. It is also claimed that men are usually stiff in the hamstrings, back, and shoulders. Choosing yoga as a way to stay fit will prove conducive to your overall physical wee- being as it helps you attain flexibility in muscle tissues, and strength in the joints and ligaments, while lowering anxiety and stress levels through special breathing exercises.

Resistance Training

The general misconception about resistance training is that it is primarily for adrenaline and testosterone-driven young adults. This could not be further from the truth. Recently, a study conducted at the University of Queensland found that numerous benefits are acquired through resistance training in older men which helps increase wee being through the increase in muscle strength, functional performance, and overall power. Resistance training is ideal for anyone who wants to stay fit, both physically and mentally.


Although many forms of aerobic exercises have been developed over the years, a simple 30-minute jog or running session can do wonders for your fitness goals. Aerobic exercise, whether on a treadmill or a brisk walk in the park, is an inexpensive way to keep fit and free of major diseases contributed by inactivity.

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