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Fresh Mango Jam: Recipe


You can make jams easily at home. I love strawberry jams but now mangoes are in season so i am giving you this recipe. You can also make strawberry jam with this recipe, just use strawberries instead of mangoes.


Ingredients Of Mango Jam

Method Of Mango Jam

  • Bring mangoes and sugar to a boil on high heat.
  • Add pectin and lemon juice in it.
  • Skim the foam which is now formed on the surface with a spoon. Take a jam in a spoon, let it cool on room temperature, if its still thin than you can add more pectin.
  • Sterilize the jars and their lids too. Now dry their moisture in oven.
  • Put the jams in jar and seal them.

Tip: Pectin is a gelling agent. It is used in jellies and jams. You can find it in big stores.


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