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Fujiyama: Japanese Cuisine



Fujiyama is a Japanese restaurant, situated at the top roof of Avari hotel Karachi. If you are looking for an enthralling dining experience, Fujiyama is the best choice. The moment you step inside, the restaurant boasts a modest teak floor and a chequered wooden ceiling. The red, black and white wooden separators add the elegance of the interior.

The subtle white walls complement the black wooden tables and chairs which have been upholstered in red and white leather. The huge glass window inside the restaurant open up to a spectacular view of the city and add to the overall dining experience.

If you are looking for some excitement, you should sit in front of the live counter where you can actually watch the chefs in action.

Fujiyama has an excellent menu that starts off with the creamy “Miso Shiru”, a traditional soya bean soup with tofu seaweed mushroom. Another tasty dish is “ Prawn Tempura”. For the main course, you can try the grilled chicken teriyaki dipped in sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce, with the delectable “Garlic rice”.

The immaculate service and the friendly staff is an impressive combination. So if you really enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine, it is likely that you will want to visit the restaurant frequently.


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