Give Your Hair A Super Hot Look All By Yourself

You can give your hair an entire new look at home by yourself. You just need some right tools and products and then you can transform yourself into a new and better looking person. Simple hairstyles can look great with little effort.

bob hair style

Make Your Bob Look Super Sexy

You can enhance the shine and shape of your bob with these must haves…

Flat Brush

If you blow-dry with a round brush it can make your hair too bouffant. Use a flat brush to keep the effect sleek and give a gentle curve at the ends, either under or slightly flicked out.

Shine Spray

A heavy serum can leave fine, shorter hair looking flat. Instead, use a glossing mist. Spray into the air and walk through it to avoid overloading your hair.

Light Hold Hair Spray

This is the best styling product to give your hair added volume. Just tip your head over and spray the underneath sections.


Show Off Gloriously Long Hair

Very long hair is heavy, so wont hold a curl well. You are better off aiming for short waves instead.

  • Start off with dry hair and mist with a styling spray to give your hair hold. Create a side parting, then wind sections of hair onto heated rollers, working from the top of your hair down to your ear. Spray with a light hold hair spray.
  • Once the rollers are cool, gently take them out and run your fingers through your hair. Never brush hair after using rollers, you will just flatten it and make it frizzy and static. Spray with a fixing spray to give shine and hold.
  • To keep the effect modern, make the top and sides of your hair super sleek and shiny, it will look too bubble shaped otherwise.


Medium sized rollers on long hair give volume and wave. If you want a longer lasting curl then you need to use small rollers.


Get Volume

Here are the top tricks for putting the bouffant back into your blow dry.

  • Start with damp hair and spritz it all over with a volumizing styling spray.
  • Blow dry your hair, but rather than rough drying do it section by section around a medium sized round brush. As you finish each section wrap the hair round a medium sized roller and fasten with a grip to hold it in place.
  • Once your hair is in rollers, leave to cool for at least 15 minutes, then gently remove. Run your fingers through your hair and spray with a gloss styling spray for hold and shine.

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