Guinot’s Bien Vivre: Body Mist


Bien vivre is an energizing and refreshing mist. It wraps the body with a delightful perfumed film, which makes you feel good throughout the day. Its fresh and invigorating fragrance stimulates the senses.

Its formula contains trace elements and citrus fruit extracts that provide well-being and vitality instantly. Enriched in sensiva, it provides extreme freshness that lasts all day. The natural citrus fruit essential oils, specially selected for their stimulating and energizing properties blend with the freshness of magnolia flowers and watermelons.

After a shower, a bath or at any time of day, spray over the entire body to fill up on positive energy. With just one spritz, your skin is invigorated and radiant with beauty.In addition to Bien Vivre’s firming and toning properties, the spray’s light scent promotes a sense of well being and comfort. Replenish and energize skin with this hydrating mist.

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