Guinot’s Liftosome Crème: For Instant Lifting And Firming


Liftosome was developed specifically to treat the problems associated with mature skin. During the time that the thermal mask is left on, it shapes that facial features and diffuses energizing concentrates of orange and ginseng.

These active ingredients combined with the warming effect, fill the skin with new energy, restore its elasticity and regenerate new cells.

At the end of the treatment when you do the mirror test, you will notice that your skin is visibly smoother and tired lines have disappeared. You have regained the appearance and the confidence of your youth.The Liftosome treatment is recommended as a course of two treatments, or in combination with the Hydradermie and Beaute Neuve treatments.

LIFTOSOME FACIAL acts on two levels, vertically for a firming action and horizontally to tighten the skin.  Visually its effects are immediate with skin visibly enhanced at its conclusion.Apply morning and night over carefully cleansed skin.

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  1. this liftosome treatment can be done at home by buying this jar or is it essential to get its proper facial treatment from a spa?

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