Hair Care Tips

Everyone wants to have shiny and healthy hair. Following are some natural tips to make your hair healthy and stunning.


Olive Oil Treatment

Take olive oil and warm it little, then apply it into the roots of your hair. Massage for 5-1o minutes with soft hands. Take a towel and dip it into warm water, drain the water and wrap the towel around your head. The warm towel gives the steam to your head. When towel gets cold repeat the process again and wash your hair with herbal shampoo after 2 hours. Your hair will be soft and shinny then ever. Olive oil and coconut oil is very effective for dry hair. Massage increases the blood circulation on your head and in result increases the hair growth.

Proper Combing

Combing of hair is necessary to give it good shape and also the shine. Comb your hair at least 4 times a day. One must make sure to choose the right size and type of comb to comb one’s hair. Too narrow toothed combs can cause hair breakage and too broad toothed combs do not do combing properly. One may also use a good brush to comb one’s hair. Avoid combing or brushing the wet hair.

Brush the hair gently always, as using unnecessary force while brushing or removing tangles can harm the hair. Make sure that you brush the hair only for a few minutes. This is more than sufficient to stimulate growth. Brushing the hair for too long causes it to become excessively oily.

Treatment Of Dandruff

Dandruff is very bad for hair, it makes hair dull and weak. There are various reasons of dandruff, like eating poor quality of food, drinking less amount of water, heavy medication, using low quality of shampoos and conditioners, pollution and stress.

Lemon Juice

Applying lemon juice to the scalp not only reduces dandruff, but it also gives a shine to the hair. One teaspoon of lemon juice is to be massaged to the scalp. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo after 30 minutes.

Beet Root Juice

Applying beet root juice to the hair not only removes dandruff but it also gives a lovely natural burgundy color to the hairs. Pieces of beet are to be boiled in water. This water is to be massaged into the scalp and left for one hour before washing.

Apart from these, a regular care of the hair is an absolute requirement. One must massage one’s scalp with hot oil at least twice a week and leave it overnight. Regular cleaning of the hair and scalp, eating healthy food and drinking lots of water is also an essential requirement for healthy scalp and hair. If the problem still persists, one must visit a doctor immediately.

Aloe Vera For Hair

Aloe Vera can also be used for hair care. It can be used as a shampoo or as a hair oil to treat baldness. Aloe Vera gels are also very effective in the treatment of baldness.

Heat coconut oil with 5 gm of aloe Vera, few pieces of dried gooseberry pieces and a hand full of fenugreek seeds. Allow it to cool and apply using fingertips. This mixture ensures healthy and shinny hair.

Prepare a mixture of aloe Vera gel with small amount of wheat gram oil and coconut milk and use it as a shampoo to experience effective result. This is one of the effective natural treatment for hair loss.

Regular hair Trims

Regular haircuts and trims are important in keeping split ends in check. This is the way that you can tackle the problem. Avoid combing he hair when it is wet, and use only a wide toothed comb to remove tangles as this can cause hair to stretch and weaken, and can also split hair.

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