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Hair Dysmorphic Disorder


I always have this fear that one day I will go bald and sometimes I see nightmares that I got bad hair fall and got bald patches all over my head. I think that I am suffering from hair dysmorphia. Everyone feels bad about their looks at some point in their life but if this feeling stuck in your mind and never goes away and effect your daily life then it’s a serious issue which seeks attention by professionals.
Now let me tell you what is hair dysmorphia? If you feel that every day is bad hair day for you and you will never ever get comfortable with your hair, then you are suffering from hair dysmorphia.
Just imagine that if you are all ready to go on a party everything is perfect your clothes, makeup, shoes, jewelry but you can’t make your hair look good then all other things have no value.

Symptoms of Hair Dysmorphia

Hair dysmorphia is a mental disease and it could be imaginary. People suffering from it checks their hair after every five minutes and sometimes they totally avoid going out and meet other socially. Other symptoms include stress and anxiety, comparing your hair with others, trying to hide your hair from others and checking mirror excessively. In some rare cases, it also leads to suicide. People with hair dysmorphia changes their hairstyles and hair color very often and they never feel good or happy with the outcome. They also ask others about their hair all the time and they never believe if you say good things about their hair.
It’s imaginary defect created by the brain of a person suffering from hair dysmorphia. Sometimes lack of confidence also leads towards dysmorphia. People suffering from it also feels that others are making fun of their hair and people are looking at them and pointing at them.
Who Suffers from hair Dysmorphia
According to recent studies more women are suffering from hair dysmorphia then men. Many people suffering from it don’t even know that this is psychological disease and they need help to cure themselves. This condition can affect anyone but according to researchers mostly teenagers and young people effects from it.
Cause of Hair Dysmorphia
Its cause is still not clear. It could be genetic or it might be attached to some bad experience of your life for example if someone was teased in school or college because of their hair style then that person could have chances to suffer from hair dysmorphia.

Treatment of Hair Dysmorphia
Hair dysmorphia can’t be treated itself. First of all, if you think that you are suffering from it then don’t hide it and share your thoughts and concerns about your hair with someone. There is no shame in seeking medical advice.
Treatment will include therapy and medicines. Therapy includes the discussion sessions which will build your self-esteem and confidence. Many people feel better after therapy sessions.
If you are suffering from HD then please don’t feel embarrassed and you must stop worrying about your hair all the time. You are beautiful no matter what other thinks of you.


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