How To Choose A Right Scent?

How to choose a right Scent?

  1. Start with what you like (and don’t). For example: your go-to laundry detergent or favorite cocktail. …
  2. Narrow down the fragrance family. …
  3. Decide on where you want to use it. …
  4. Take it for a test drive. …
  5. Pick a favorite way to fragrance.


For many women, its a daunting process. With so many fragrance choices, from mass-marketed celebrity scents to specialty perfumes made by fragrance houses, more women are abandoning the notion that one scent is all they need and are creating fragrance wardrobes.

Jan Mora, the author of the perfume guide Fabulous Fragrances, says by having a fragrance wardrobe, women can more easily pick a scent that’s appropriate for the season and the occasion.

But finding that new scent? Moran, who has sampled and reviewed many of nearly 5,000 fragrances on the market, said it’s never been tougher. Stores are more full of perfumes than ever before. fragrance is huge right now. People have really started to take fashion to a new level. And it’s now about the entire package. It’s no longer just about the outfit.

Before going fragrance shopping, it’s best to have a little information and a strategy:

  • This would not be one-day shopping. Be prepared to make several trips to do some sniffing before buying.
  • Have an idea of the fragrance family you like.
  • Know where and when you want to wear the fragrance.
  • Know what scents or fragrances you don’t like. There is no sense in spending your time and confusing your senses with something you don’t like.
  • Don’t smell from the nozzle. The metal tip interferes with the scent. Instead, use a blotter card or fragrance strip.
  • After you spray the card, write down what you smell, you don’t want to get them confused.
  • Most people can only smell 4 or 5 perfumes before olfactory fatigue sets in and all the fragrances begin to smell the same. To allow you to keep trudging on, some retailers keep a bowl of coffee beans handy for you to sniff to refresh your nose. No coffee beans? Bring a wool scarf with you to sniff. It will clear the nose and you can go back to testing again.
  • Wear the scent for a few hours or even over a few days. Some retailers provide glass vials of the fragrance you want to test. By wearing a fragrance throughout the day, you can get a better sense of how your body reacts to the fragrance as it goes through the top, middle, and base notes of the perfume.

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