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How To Get Glow Within Skin


Amp up your complexion, and make your most alluring facial features, cheekbones, lips, and eyes, take center stage using a light-reflecting highlighter.


The Technique

  1. Apply cream highlighter on the top of your cheekbone with your middle finger. Start just above the apple of your cheek and follow the outer edge of your eye bone, making a crescent moon shape. Stop when your finger is in line with the corner of your eyes. This will make cheeks look sky high.
  2. Next, tap highlighter onto your brow bone, underneath your arch, using your pinkie, which lays down the perfect amount of product to this smaller area. Blend by tapping. The brow area will catch tones of light so that eyes appear bigger.
  3. Again, dip your little finger into the highlighter, and place a dot on your cupid’s bow, The skin between the peaks of your upper lip. With your clean ring finger, tap the highlighter down toward your mouth. This normally shadowed area will now catch a light, creating a plumper looking pout.
  4. Finish by dusting on a light layer of loose, translucent powder with a fluffy brush to lock the highlighter into your skin and make your luminous complexion last for hours.

Tip: Pinkish highlighter looks gorgeous on fair skin, while golden ones make darker skin sizzle. Apply moisturizer or primer first, it will help the highlighter stick. Then even out your complexion with concealer and base as usual.


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