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How To Lose Extra Pounds Around Your Waistline


Fat is the source of energy for our body, but there is a difference between having enough or too much fat in the body.

The fat around your waist line is known as “love handles”. Love handles don’t look good and they are not even healthy. so you need to eliminate them. Start making it a routine to exercise regularly to stay in good shape. Its not easy to shed that extra fat around your waistline, it requires hard work and discipline.


Here are some exercises which you could do in front of TV or while you are watching some movie:

Do Aerobics Exercise

This is a type of physical exercise that burns your fats and therefore makes you lose weight then if done on regular basis, it also helps maintain the weight you want. You might find it hard to continue with your exercises while watching a movie, but how about switching to a channel which shows aerobics and workouts. This would not take too much of your time and it is fairly easy to perform even when you warm up for your next positions.

Try Abdominal Exercises

The top three in the list are the captain’s chair, the bicycle maneuver workout and the ball crunch. Its not essential for you to do all of them, but these 3 focus on both the rectus abdominus and the oblique muscles and help form abdominal muscles. You could go for any one foe eliminating the love handles. You could choose to watch your preferred movie at this juncture but do not lose focus on your exercises.

Have A Healthier Diet

At times when you just want to relax and enjoy the movie, try having some healthy snacks. Instead of scoops of ice-cream, choose fibrous snacks like carrots or celery, since the exercises have to be done only 3 times a day. So try to chip in your preferred movie along with some of those healthy snacks in between your working out schedules.

Make A Choice To Stay Healthy

The idea of having to exercise to get rid of love handles is not a short term regimen. The body endlessly keeps on accumulating fat and this makes it important for you to keep a check on your diet as this might land you in a situation where you find it impossible to shed those extra pounds especially when you get older, so it is best to start with your workout early in life.


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